Data Source and Referencing

Source: Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, The IPP Office, and Eskom, Jan 2024.

Data includes IPPs, Eskom plants, and industrial co-generators under the WEPS programme 2012-2024.

Production data is subject to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s confidentiality protocol as a result of which data is omitted if made up of less than 3 producers (number criterion) and a single producer must not make up more than 80% of the published value (dominance criterion). Currently, 0.61% of the total production in 2024 has been omitted.

Hourly distribution data has been normalized to maximum operating capacity.

Note that first and last year may not cover an entire year of production.

In some hours, the measured production is higher than contracted capacity, typically due to a temporary delay in data acquisition, aggregating production in a later hour. In such case, the load factor has been adjusted to reflect the actual production capacity rather than the contracted capacity. This does not effect annual or average load factors.

REDIS is operated by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.

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