How to Download Data

Data is freely downloadable in the following formats:

  • Raw Data (as Comma-Separated File (CSV))
  • PDF
  • Crosstab
  • Image
  • Tableau Workbook

In order to download data in any of these formats, follow these steps:

  1. Select at least one element on the dashboard to download a data extract for the selected series OR click on the white empty space on the dashboard to download the entire dataset.
  2. Click the download button at the bottom-right of the dashboard and choose your preferred download format.

If you choose to download as raw data (choose “Data” from the download button), a new window will appear that shows the data. Then click “Full data”, check “Show all columns”, then click “Download all rows as a text file”. A CSV file will now start downloading. Open the file directly in newer versions of Excel, or Open the file from within Excel. When opening from within Excel, make sure to allow all file types to be shown “*.*”, click on the downloaded CSV file, after which Excel’s import wizard will appear. Choose delimited, and then “,” (comma) as delimiter. Please refer to Excel ‘s manual for further guidance on imported a CSV file.